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Christopher Gull
Online 09:05 05/05 2006  Modifierad 08:17 17/07 2010

Old articles  Vi har glädjen att få publicera Christopher Gulls "Invade my space" här på Mickelsson.net. Läs, fundera och låt den påverkas.

I want You to know, I need You more,
I need to know You’re there,
‘Cause You’re the one whom I adore,
Your presence’s everywhere.

I pray to know Your true desires;
What You want with my life.
Can’t You see my small, lit fires,
Those I lit for strive?

Come, I beg, invade my space;
A lifelong worship to You,
Bring me into Your holy grace,
So tell me what I should do.

Lead my way and light my path,
Take me where no-one goes,
To be a light amongst all wrath;
A shelter where hell’s wind blows.

Draw me close, embrace me tight,
You endless love is near,
Let Your love through me shine bright,
To wipe out all the fear.

19:18 5.5.2006

wow. vackert!:)

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