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Online 22:00 27/11 2004  Modifierad 08:17 17/07 2010

Old articles  GREEEEETINGS from the Land of the Americas folks! As I have had the awesome opportunity to spend 1 week in the United States I already feel I have so much to tell y'all.

Visiting some bibleschoolfriends and a wedding here in Dallas has so far been awesome! Not only have I got to spend time with friends, but also got a chance to join the congregation in prayer and worship in the mornings at their Prayer Center and at church on sunday. It amazes me that a church can be so healthy and full of life and spending time with the pastor's families and seing the true and healthy life of a believing community has been just overwhelming. It hqas not always been like that here though, But God has done mighty things, and That God is more than capable to do abundantly exceedingly above even our greatest dreams! Wherever there are people who seek HIS face, He God is faithful to fulfil and complete all that he has begun! All the promises of God are Yes and AMEN! With Love from y'alls sis kiki :)

12:49 30.11.2004

Hey Kiki. Hämta hem lite av den där spiriten av att spend time with the families and seeing the true and healthy lite of a believing community. Det vore kul.
Och voi että vad man saknar dig då du är borta!
19:35 29.11.2004

Så gullig bild på dig, Kiki! Ja, var försiiiiktig där i det ogillade landet!

Läs Anna H:s kommentar högt för er själva och ni får ett gott skratt!
18:20 29.11.2004

Heeey my sister in Christ!!! Harry-old-buddy-old-pal!!
Anna H
12:45 29.11.2004

ou jee Kiki my friend!! Need to see u soon again!! I hope you're speakin with a good ol' Texan drawl now, don't y'all yonder too?
11:25 29.11.2004

watch out girl and be careful - we don't want you to get shot! Take care!
10:01 29.11.2004

ååh *skratt* you're the bestest kiki ;)
mikie "patrioten"
21:55 28.11.2004

USA! USA! USA! *chant chant*
19:25 28.11.2004

What's the name of the congregation and do they have a website?

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