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Nyheter > Johnny-Stefan back to England from Japan
JS is the person that didn't eat all the food
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Linus Mickelsson
Online 01:30 23/04 2004  Modifierad 05:50 15/08 2010

Old articles  Johnny-Stefan "JS" Lönnroth is back in England. JS visited a research group in Japan that has similar intrests as he has.

To our endless interest JS released photos from the trip on Viktor Rosendal's server in Silicon Valley.


As Mr. Dan Brockington, from Oxford, put it: "Many thanks again for, as always, revealing new sides of life - and of roads - that I did not know existed.".

Here is Dan's list of his favourite pictures (random order, with Dan's comments):
- The stairs
- Japan by night (the dark one)
- The bedroom (what's that on your helmet?)
- The eminent scientist (clear winner)

Mr. Kon Yew Kwek especially welcomed the many pitures of airplanes as "a sensible way to begin the collection".

Johhny Lonnroth
14:42 28.4.2004

I would like to say that I did not write the previous message, the one before that, or even this one. That is what I would like to say.
12:17 26.4.2004

Could the previous JS note that I would not waste time criticising a mispelled surname when there is the logical inconsistency of 'a hairier chest hair' which is such a giveaway. That is quite a ridiculous thing to say and really not the sort of mistake I would make. And my chest hair is not at all red either. Well not very.
Danny B, from a University town in the UK
12:13 26.4.2004

I admit that I wrote the four previous comments
Stephen Tuck, Oxford
14:32 23.4.2004

I admit that I wrote the foolish comments from Beijing Lady and Tokyo Lady. It wasn't Dan.
13:55 23.4.2004

I hope that everybody can see that the previous comment is a fake that was not written by me, as I would never misspell my surname.
Johnny Lonroth, Oxford
13:16 23.4.2004

Ladies, my chest hair is much hairier, and much redder.
Dan Brockington, Oxford
13:00 23.4.2004

Folks, please stop making fun of these pictures. Together they constitute a precious work of art and should be treated as such. And Linus please could you write an article about me too? I know some hairy British ladies who would love to read about me. Especially about my long chest hair, which I coloured red the other day at my local barber.
Beijing lady
12:43 23.4.2004

As you can see, I am really sad.
I have said it three times. That is enough.

That will be all from me.
My message is clear.
My heart is broken.
My life seems empty.
There is no hope for me. It is raining outside, and deep inside. The dark clouds gather.
There is no hope now.
Woe is me. Woe. Woe. Woe.

(While I'm here, Linus, what's the email of that rather good looking man in the yellow shirt. And how can I contact that sensible man called Kon Yew Kwek).
Beijing lady
12:40 23.4.2004

JS -- darling, you promised you were coming to see me.
I am sad now.
Beijing lady
12:36 23.4.2004

JS -- darling, you promised you were coming to see me.
I am sad now.
Beijing lady
12:33 23.4.2004

JS -- darling, you promised you were coming to see me.
I am sad now.
Wendy from Sendai
12:31 23.4.2004

Maybe he wasn't hungry. It is polite not to rush food. Maybe he was telling funny stories. But then why is no-one laughing?
12:29 23.4.2004

dear tokyolady,

I also met the man with the blue shirt and glasses and I actually think he really could be THE johnny. But if so why has he not shown on his website our photographs?
Suzi from Suzuki
12:26 23.4.2004

Don't you think a Finnish man should Finnish our lovely Japanese food?
Who is this Mr. Kon Yew Kwek. He sounds sensible. Which one is he in the picture? Did he finish his food?
12:25 23.4.2004

thank you linus but I think i have met that man and he could not possibly be the johnny everyone speaks of - besides he is clearly making a rude sign at the camera.

I think johnny is the one with the long hair
12:06 23.4.2004

Tokyolady, I think the author tried to point out in the capture that it is JS who has left some Japanese food on the plate, untouched. I'm sorry if that information did spoil it for you.
12:01 23.4.2004

I have heard so much about this Johnny and am thrilled that he is in Japan. Which one is he?

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