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Nyheter > The ladies behind the charity meal
These ladies do know how to cook
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Linus Mickelsson
Online 20:25 05/10 2003  Modifierad 08:17 17/07 2010

Old articles  These girls arranged a very good meal after the meeting in the Filadelfia church in Helsinki.

The missionary lunch was a real hit.

"This is awesome", Pertti said with his mouth full. Tatte Forsberg probably set a new record in eating a lot. "My wife Annika will be hungry today - as I won't fix her any food at home", Tatte said.

The earnings are sent to an African project to educate new kindergarten teachers.

It's nice to be able to help in such a convenient way.

10:06 6.10.2003

Thanx for the lunch! It was really great!

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