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Nyheter > Love and funerals
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Linus Mickelsson
Online 01:50 10/10 2003  Modifierad 08:17 17/07 2010

Old articles  Ironically, when a persons dreams and ambitions are buried along with the body, all friends and relatives start to support the person. Unfortanetly, then it's too late.

So many have lost their desire to live. So many struggle with a bad self confidence. So many don't believe how much they are actually loved and appreciated. But how things change unless you let them know?

You could be the one that encourages a person to blossom! And where love is, life is. Gain your desire to live by loving others.

If you're in a situation where you can't get enough love or attention, try to start giving. After a while you will notice a difference. By giving you get.

Love, as with all power, cannot emerge without a source. The source is God and the key is prayer.

18:09 10.10.2003

Instämmer, bra skrivet!
10:55 10.10.2003

bra skrivet linus! -verkligen!

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