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Nyheter > Independance Day Concert with Andreas and Fudge!
Andreas as Julgubbe
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Linus Mickelsson
Online 11:45 04/12 2002  Modifierad 16:56 14/08 2010

Old articles  Tought you had already chosen what to do on the day of our independence? Well, this might change your mind: Andreas, Jenna and Fudge will perform together in glamourous charity concert in Sibbo (40kms from Helsinki)

This an unique opportunity to hear Andreas playing the piano for Fudge.

Andreas couldn't be reached for comments on whether he is going to sing own songs too.

The event starts in Betania at Friday 22 pm.

The regular Jesus bus will collect people from Södekulla opening the doors at 21 pm.

Everyone is welcome and no fees will be charged.

Finlands day of independence
In Dec 1917 our forefather's independence from Russia got approved. Almost 100 years earlier Finland was separated from Sweden to Russia. Since the independence the Finland has struggeled against Russia in wars. Finland was never beat because of the mercy of God.

Andreas Forsberg
Finland's gift to the music business. As Tore Aas, the conductor of the Oslo Gospel Choir expressed himself: "I have never seen so much talents in a such a young pianist".

Jenna Gull
Jenna is the princess of music. With her sweet appearance and deep voice she sings out life in any song.

Fudge is a recently founded promising group that benefits a deep variety of music styles and instruments. Elna Gull is the lead singer.



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