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Nyheter > James Bond - cold as ice
James Bond, the ice-man. The girl is not a real Bond-girl, and has nothing to do with the article.
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Linus Mickelsson
Online 09:35 18/12 2002  Modifierad 07:15 15/08 2010

Old articles  Sometimes it is said that women want something warm to hold. It is impossible to find any other reason why girls like dogs. But how come women prefer snow-men instead of regular? Or is it just in Hollywood? Linus writes about the latest James Bond movie.

I watched the latest James Bond movie and I felt really bad. This "gentleman" was so dekadent it wasn't even fun. He is an alcoholic who abuses girls, there is only seconds for him and a girl to get to know each other until they steal something eternal from each other.

Compare this to MacGyver who refuses use guns and is into non-violence. He is even bright enough to refuse to drink alcohol.

The solution for this issue is that the producers should be saved.


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