You whispered

ALLMÄNT. I wondered how I’d cope. I wondered if there was more. I wondered if I was lost?

You told me no, but quite.

Too many times you’ve let

the world break your heart,

But what it gives you is scars.

I was really thinking You’d

gone mad.

So who could break my heart

without leaving scars?

You whispered in my ear:

“I can break your heart,

Tear you to pieces,

Slaughter you,

Empty you out.”

You frightened me.

“But. It won’t leave any scars.”

You freaked me out.

“It’ll only give you life.”

I scratched my head.

“Willing to see?

Willing to know more?

Needing to know more?

You do, I know it.”

I didn’t know I needed it,

I just needed it.

And I let you break my


Tear my principles to pieces,

Consume my ego.

And oh yes, it hurt.

It hurt, it hurt, it hurt.

Did I regret? No.

In the midst of the pain

I realized something:

There are no scars;

Even old scars were gone.

My heart stopped leaking;

All that’s been lost started

suddenly sipping in again…

From You.


I could sing from my heart,

Feel it warm me up from inside,

Hear it talk again,

Hear it beat again.

And all this in blindness;

You didn’t tell me where to go,

But to go.

I didn’t know where I went,

But I went.

I knew I’d be broken,

But all for the sake of joy.

Ironic? Not at all. (for You are God)

Ironic is trying to gain happiness

in This world,

And end up with tears.

Granted, odd poem. Eller ej. Hur som helst så kände jag att jag måste skriva en dikt om vad som hände mig under MVV, för det var underbart, även om det först kändes meningslöst. När jag fann att jag hade lytt vad jag hört Gud tala genom predikanterna och viskning direkt från Gud ("säg det, säg det!") så visste jag att det inte var något dumt jag själv som kommit på.