Success comes with scars

ALLMÄNT. Success is hard-earned, Whether or not it feels. On its way lot’s been learned, Both about good and bad deals.

And no, you can’t stop training,

Life poses situations unknown,

But you can survive by gaining

experience that's by you flown.

Take the lessons or leave;

Success comes to succeeders,

To those who learn to heave,

And to those who are seekers.

“The ones who never fail

are those who never try.”

When we fall and fail

defeat hasn’t yet taken us slave,

But by not rising to another prevail,

We can begin to dig our own grave.

Trumpets sound with conquest,

In battles when fires die away,

When rising among the best,

With those who stood to sway.

Inga nyheter, kanske, men alltid bra att bli påmind om. Jag vet inte varför jag fick för mig att skriva denna, det bara blev så -och på engelska igen :)

Livet lär...